Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick update for my readers

I need to update my blog, but I don't have much time right rather than let it slide, I'll just put in some quick bullets to let you know what's going on!
  • Trip to Houston was wonderful. Thanks to Connie R and Tessa W for the cozy room & board!
  • Fell in love with Tessa's puppy, Monsieur Bichon Jacques (his real name is Jack)!
  • Enjoyed beyond words the Obama Inauguration ceremonies. I watched it with four lovely liberal women and three happy canines who were all thrilled to witness the event, even if it was through a television. (The canines are all liberals, too!)
  • Work is. And that's good.
  • My therapy sessions are getting pretty powerful. More on that some other time. Just know that it's a good thing, too!
  • It was delightful to see so many of my buddies in TX: Veronica, Liz D, Tessa, Connie R, Carmen E, Bruce E, Erin Z, Lin R, Deanna W, Verna D, Janis H, Sherri S, Cindy P, and Jim H. Not bad in 4 days. Sorry to have missed Barbara B, Corrine S, Deb S, and David B. Love to you all!
  • Loved the quick foray into Coldwater Creek! The Sugar Land, TX, mall is really upscale and quite lovely. Much different than it was when I left. I even drove by my old house to take a look. New folks (Waggoners) are taking good care of it!
  • It's been 4 years, going on 5, since I lived in Sugar Land
  • My dear friend Rick Martin, Cher's S.O. is having a tough time...please keep him in your prayers.
  • STC Spotlight Awards were held at the San Juan Capistrano train depot restaurant, Sarducci's, Saturday nite. I was keynoter, and it was great FUN! If you know anyone who does technical communication, please tell them to join the Society for Technical Communication. It really is worth the time, money, and effort. And, I know from many years of experience.
  • 2009 marks my 30th year as a member of STC.
  • The angel trumpets in my yard are blooming--even with the almost-frosty night-time temps! The evening brings out their scent and it is divine!
  • My kid turned 41 and my brother turned 50 this month. I'm still 60, but don't feel a day over 40!

Adieu and Adios for now,

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