Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Limerick for Linda

Happy and Healthy 2009!

So...what's my "theme" for 2009...drink more wine in '09? Perfect my whine in '09? Fill my stein in '09? shop at Hine (a local car seller) in '09?

Nope...none of the above work quite right. I finally got myself to a WeightWatchers meeting yesterday--after a 6-month hiatus. I had gained quite a bit of the weight I'd taken off when I was there last year, but not all of it! So, that in itself was a pleasant surprise...WW says that we don't "diet" we "live." And, that's the thing I must learn to and eat and move as though I want to live a long time (and I do) without pain and with unrestricted mobility. So, my decision (I refuse to say "resolution") is to use this year to find ME under all this excess mental and physical baggage. For '09, I will do all I can to be "fine" and focus on making the year "mine." So, I've created a personal limerick for the new year:

There once was a girl called L-O.
Who found her mind always on "go"
But she slowed in '09
So she could find peace of mind,
And make all that she could of L-O. heard it here! I'm on a mission to "just do it," "have it my way," "be all I can be," and "stop dieting and start living." Now, let's hope that my resolve lasts long enough for me to get some results... (My apologies to all the branded slogans I've used without citation!)

Happy New Life, everyone! I wish you all good things and may the prayers you have answered be the ones that will truly benefit you and your world. (And, it might not hurt to write yourself a personal limerick for the new year--this could be the next big craze! (pet rock, anyone?))

Love strong, laugh loud, and live long,


  1. Good luck! Here's a New Year's thought along similar lines:

    Bid farewell to those days of good cheer,
    Yes - the time of the diet is here ...
    Resolute, end excess,
    Silhouettes re-possess!
    May I wish you a Healthy New Year.


  2. Linda - congratulations on getting back to WW! I am also trying to rediscover the thinner me, and even lost 2 lbs during the holiday season. You *can* do this, I have faith in you!

  3. There was a girl named Connie
    who wanted a skinny hinny,
    but the brownies won out
    so now she is stout.

  4. but that is not what life's about
    She is healthy and happy
    and in love.............. so sappy

  5. Thanks to everyone for their very encouraging comments! Life is good...make that GRRRRREAT!

  6. That you're watching your weight is most wise
    It's an issue of health, not thick thighs!
    Watch your weight melt
    But even once svelt
    Your spirit of love remains Plus size!

    We love ya! Terri sends wiggly doggy kisses.


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