Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hope I Tweet more than I Blog!

OK. I've just spent the last 2 hours on the Web checking out Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. I've become a Webhead. Actually, because a friend of mine (#nematome) shared Paula Poundstone's Twitter account with me, I'm now following her. When I got to her site, I followed a link to YouTube, and there I was Cooking with Rhonda, and hiking with Paula. I find her humor so dry and funny that I can't stop clicking on link after link. I finally started hearing the same jokes over and over and realized that I'd better stop and let her get some new material.

Then, I did figure how to get Twitter and Facebook to chat to one another. I can update my Twitter account, and it will automatically update my Facebook account. It's easier that direction because of the 140-character limit on Twitter. If I let my Facebook updates go to Twitter, I'd always be truncated...and you know how that hurts!

As you can see, I'm trying to make up for my LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG silence on this blog by writing in it two days in a row! Are you impressed?

It's almost tomorrow. Connie is staying with me for a few days while they work on her apartment. Her car wouldn't start and she got stranded at a 7/11. She called a friend from work to help her out and after they jumped her battery, the car started. I'm still waiting up to be sure she gets here safely before I head to bed.

Dentist in the AM. Got to get a crown completed. Can't forget to take the antibiotics! Do you know that after knee replacements, one must mega-dose on antibiotics before all dentist appointments for 5 years! Weird, but true.

Bought my ticket for the Del Mar Fair at Albertson's this evening. On Friday (the 19th), Cher, Connie (the elder), and I are going to watch Corrine Stith drive her American Saddlebred Horse in a Charity Horse show. I think she has a 3-gaiter. I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, but I'm trying to remember what I read earlier today. So, for all you folks in the horsey set, if I've completely goofed, I'm sorry. This is all new to me. Nonetheless, I'm excited about going and giving myself a chance to learn about something new! Plus, I haven't been to the Del Mar Fair since before I went to Houston! So, I'm due.

OK. I'm ready to call it a night. Maybe I'll be in bed before tomorrow. I think I hear Connie driving up now. Cat's in, dog's in, and the kid is in. I'm happy.

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