Monday, June 15, 2009

Another edition of dis 'n dat.

Poor, poor, pitiful blog! It's been neglected too long! So, just to let everyone know I'm well, here's a little bit of whatever comes to mind...

I'm lloriter to anyone who wants to know. Follow me! I'm still learning what's what, but so far it's fun. Saw presentation by Scott Abel at STC-SD meeting last week. Decided to dust off my account and see if I can make it live!

Gotta quit drinking those Diet Cokes late in the evening... Dreams have been interesting...old flames, driving through water, losing my way in school (a repeating theme)--but this time as a teacher rather than as a student. Many more snippets, but none with any real detail, so I'll let it go.

Home office/library
Decided to get some ideas and estimates on what it would cost to build out my 3rd bedroom into a home office and library combo. So far, only have looked at LOTS of pix on the web. Two favorite sites: and . Oh, but if I only had unlimited money to spend!

Money and Gambling
So, most of you know about my closet gambling tendencies...went to Viejas with Connie V (aka Big Connie) a Friday or two ago. Came home with half the money I went in with...but I sure had fun. On Saturday, June 27, Cher & I will fly to Reno (The Biggest Little City in the World!) and stay at Harrah's for 4 nights (hotel & flight paid for by Harrah's!). I'll just visualize me winning big enough to pay for my new office! Actually, we plan to do little gambling. We're renting a car and doing day trips in and around the city...Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, Virginia City & its famous cemetery, Carson City, and casinos everywhere!

Anniversary of sorts
BTW: the trip to Reno has a backstory reason for happening! Cher and I met in June 1979. Thirty years ago this month!!! A pretty good reason to go out and raise a little H#LL!

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