Saturday, February 14, 2009

Give me an "H"--make that Ten of 'em

One of the blogs I follow is written by a lovely friend/colleague/peer/clown named Mary. As she explained, "See, there's this alphabet meme going around, where you get a letter from a previous meme-er. Then you write about 10 things that begin with that letter that mean something to you." So, Mary gave me an "H." And here are my ten things:
  1. Hair: I love my hair. God may have made my body a challenge in my life, but He definitely gave me good hair genes. Thank you, God!

  2. 2. House: I love my house. It's cute and small and in San Diego! Everything about it, even the things that aren't wonderful are wonderful.

3. Hot water heater: One of the things about my house that isn't wonderful. In fact, it's leaking...plumber is scheduled to come tomorrow.

4. Home warranty: Good thing I have one so that the new water heater won't be so expensive!

5. Hybrid SUV: My Mercury Mariner hybrid is named Cosmo. Do you name your cars? Cosmo's predecessor was Blanca. Sometimes they're male; sometimes they're female. Talk about anthropomorphism! (the picture in the link looks just like mine!)

6. Hunt: The last name of my best guy friend. He's Handsome, huh?

7. HoJos: A memory from my childhood. Driving along turnpikes in the East with my family and stopping at Howard Johnson's for lunch and ice cream. I never see them anymore.

8. Hugs: I like 'em. I wish I got more of them. I hug my friends, my dog, and sometimes, my trees.

9. Harold and Maude: One of my all-time favorite weird movies.

10. Huntingdon. The name of the town in PA where Bill and Donna live. It's strange that it ends in "don" rather than "ton" but it does. It's a small town, but it's a lot more interesting these days because D & B are there.

Dang! H was Hard!


  1. H hard huh? How'bout Houston, Honey?

  2. An excellent set of Hs, my dear! And yes, I've always that Mr. Hunt was very handsome.

  3. Mary has been assigning letters -- and I could ask her. But I am going to ask you instead. May I please have a letter????

  4. De asked for a letter...and I just now realized it! I'm going to give her the letter T. She's a Texas girl, and I'm interested to see what she comes up with!

    Go fer it, De!


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