Thursday, July 23, 2009

Organizing the organization project

It's coming together...the final frontier...the bane of my existence...MY...HOME OFFICE! I tend to be a hoarder, and I'm sick of it! Nevertheless, it's my albatross and although the messes throughout the rest of the house are hidden in drawers and behind doors, in my office it seeps onto the floor, chokes the walls, and upchucks on all flat, floor-parallel surfaces. My love affair with books has extended to uncontrolled passion for paper and a criminal craziness for pens and pencils.

NO MORE. Or at least that's my intent. In addition to signing that contract with Closet Factory to get the whole room built out into workspace, storage areas, and bookcases (lots and lots of bookcases!), I have a professional organizer arriving on Saturday ( I am serious about this and am determined to get it right. I hope that once I get the purging and sorting and rearranging done, it will take the clutter a long, long time to creep back into anything like it is now. I think I'm safe...although I've only been in this house 5 years (YEP, next month!), I've been collecting some of the junk in here for most of my three score summers, and that's probably a bit longer than I have left! :-)

The real reward is this: when all the clutter and confusion leaves, some fantastically wonderful energetically enhancing goodness will arrive! And when all that good shows up, I'll be able to find it.

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  1. Linda I so enjoyed working with you and helping you begin the process of transforming this room into the beautiful library that you are you dream of.

    You went through your things pretty effortlessly. Yor readiness level is definitely what helped with that.

    Going through your stuff can be very energetically draining that's why it's very important to have someone there with you during the process as you were wise enough to understand from the beginning. I thought you held up pretty well.

    Looking forward to continuing the work with you. Just write out your plan so you are realistic with your goals and deadlines and your should be good to go by August 10th.

    See you next week.

    Miss Organized


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