Saturday, November 8, 2008

What we think about we bring about

Back in the US for a whole week! And the world has changed. Obama is our president-elect and although some conservatives are still throwing all the mud they can find, much of the world is hoping that this one man can truly make a difference. I don't know what will happen, but I do know that I'm optimistic. I'm open to the possibilities of a new way of thinking and a new attitude about the world.

Obama comes from a family of many races and religions and to me, that's good. Rather than worry about the specific jobs, beliefs, and attitudes of those people, I am hopeful that he will be open-minded and inclusive because of those people. Within the microcosm of his life, he has already experienced what our country is now about. We are not a white, Anglo-Saxon, male country; rather, we are a melting pot of the world. We have good and bad, all colors, multiple languages, multiple weaknesses, and multiple strengths. I don't know if any one of us can truly look at our network of friends and family and see nothing but good. I know I certainly can't. I have a brother who died a drug addict; I have a sister who is on the dole. I had a father who was an abusive bigot and I have had a personal history that certainly would be viewed as tainted by many who choose to live their lives judging the merits of others.

In my life, I have learned to see folks for the gifts they have, even if those gifts are difficult to find amongst the wrappings, styrofoam peanuts, and old newsprint. And, I'm willing to dig a little to get to the good, even if I get a few peanuts on the rug and my hands become covered with black ink.

I believe we all have something worthwhile in us and I believe that we live up to expectations placed upon us. So, my expectations for this country of ours are high. I believe we can be supportive of business and growth while we also take care of our poor and disabled. I believe we can embrace those from around the world who seek solace and success within our borders. I believe that we must choose wisely the reasons we send our youth into war, and I believe that what we think about we bring about.

So, I will think positive things and keep myself open to the changes that are about to happen. I believe that one day the world will be a global place of peace. I doubt that I'll see it in my lifetime, even if I do live to be an old, old woman (as I truly think I will!). I am hopeful that one day, religion and politics will be personal and will be tolerated and accepted. When that day comes, we won't have to thrust our beliefs on others, or be forced by others to accept theirs. We will only need to honor and respect each other--no matter what their beliefs; no matter what the color of their skin; no matter what politics they support. Only then will we be able to move on to other worlds and other planes of existence with intelligence and love.

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